2018 Indoor TRY-OUTs are complete. There are still spots available for U7s.

U15-U17 Competitive Teams

What To Expect in U15-U17

  • Soccer For Life. Competitive level of Soccer coached by certified Canadian Soccer Association/NCCP parent volunteers (courses financed and supported by SW Sting FC)
  • U15-17 plays 11 v 11 (including goalkeeper)
  • Up to 90 min. training sessions comprised of: Refinement of core fitness and position specific-skills; Development of advanced techniques; Prevention and care of injuries; Decision-making; Game appreciation and analysis; Goal setting and accountability.
  • 1 game and 2 team practice per week
  • Technical Training: 12-16 per season
  • Entry up to 3-5 Tournaments (SW Sting FC includes 1)
  • Rosters up to 20 players
  • Ball size 5, Full size field
  • 10 min pre-game practice
  • U15-17 Game duration 2 X 45 minutes   
  • Players participate in balanced playing time during league, play-offs & tournaments
  • Games officiated by professional referee
  • Unlimited substitutions
  • Direct, indirect and penalty kicks and yellow and red card in play on fouls, misconduct and offences 
  • Player ID cards Mandatory
  • Fees $650.00 includes GST*
  • Indoor Season: October- February, potential for provinvials in March. Outdoor Season: April to July with potential for provincials Mid-August.

Fulfillment of each player’s potential  depends on their own efforts, the support of teammates, and the guidance of the coach. Players are exposed to quality playing and training environments which extend their mental, physical,tactical and technical capabilities. Players gain a solid understanding of soccer principles and concepts, and are learning emotional stability when under pressure in games.

Developing the Player and the Person

We are a group of dedicated and knowledgeable soccer enthusiasts. 

We are dedicated to high quality coaching leadership that results in healthy physical development, skill improvement, and positive social and community growth.

SW Sting soccer is committed to providing the best soccer experience possible for its players and volunteers.