2018 Indoor TRY-OUTs are complete. There are still spots available for U7s.

Player(s) of the Season

October 2018,

I want to share a new success story from a couple of our former SW STING players.  This week, Kaleb Melnyk (2003 | Goalkeeper) and Ethan Hrushka (2005 | Goalkeeper) received their invitation for official tryouts with the MLS Montreal Impact Academy in January 2019 in Montreal! This is a great achievement from these both these SW Sting former players, placing them at the top level in terms of their soccer skills and their dedication to training; SW Sting contributed to their development of their skills foundations during the time they played and trained with the Club.


September 2018,

Hi SW Sting Family,

I want to share with all of you the latest success stories from two of our former SW STING players.

Yesterday, Caitlyn Ledgerwood (KC) signed her contract with the University of Alberta Pandas women’s team starting in Fall 2019.  The amazing part is that she has just started Grade 12, and the Pandas have had her sign a year in advance to secure her with a full scholarship at the U of A for the duration of her 4-year degree, a full year before she finishes high school.

KC was on a SW STING team, under Coach Henry Tetteh-Wayoe, and she was always a consistent attendee of the SW STING goalkeeping technical training sessions with me. Before KC joins the U of A Pandas in 2019, KC was selected to be part of this Winter season of the 2018-19 Alberta North Regional EXCEL Centre (REX) program, which is a feeding program for women soccer players to potentially play for the women’s Canada team; this is a very prestigious program of the Canadian Soccer Association and the Alberta Soccer Association to which only 26 women players from Northern Alberta are selected.


Last week, Sabrina Alexander (2005) was selected for this Winter season to be part of the 2018-19 Alberta North Regional EXCEL Centre (REX) program. The REX program is for 2001-2002 (Seniors), and 2003-2004 (Juniors), but due to the incredible skills Sabrina has already at her age (2005), she was invited to start in the REX program already, giving her an even better chance to reach the final goal of playing for Team Canada one day if she continues in the REX program for a couple more years (looking forward to the 2023 women’s world cup).

Sabrina was on a SW STING team, under Coaches Jocelyn Shold and Karen Forss Cettiga, and she was always a consistent attendee of the SW STING goalkeeping technical training sessions with me.

We are very proud and pleased to see the level to which our youth players can get with hard and consistent work.  Everybody can have access to National, Provincial, and City soccer programs, but it is up to the players to work hard to merit these opportunities.

Congratulations to everybody who contributed to Sabrina’s and KCs achievements, and congratulations to the Club for another success story from our SW STING community.

Coach Armando Sanchez


June 2018,

I would like to congratulate and share with you that 3 of our SW STING players were selected for the honor of playing for our City of Edmonton at the upcomiong 2018 Alberta Summer Games in Grande Prairie.

  1. Ethan Hrushka
  2. Shroamsj Sujit
  3. Andrew Bealer (alternate)

Also, our player Eryk Salapatek was on the short list to be selected, but as a maximum of only 18 players can be selected, he was recommended to ASA Winter Program 2018 later in Fall.

Of all the U13 players in the city on the many teams, it is a great tribute to our club that SW STING has more than 1 player included on this roster (of only 18 players) to represent Edmonton at such as prestigious competition, which is actually a preparation for the 2019 Western Summer Games.  Myself, as SW Sting Coach member, I was selected to be part of the Coaching staff, so I will also travel with the team to Grande Prairie in July.

Congratulations Ethan and Shroamsj (and Andrew & Eryk); SW Sting is well represented at the current top youth soccer competiton for youth soccer.  This is proof of SW STING’s hard work (techincal trainers, coaches, assistant coaches, team managers and Club administrators) training and developing youth players in Edmonton.  Congratulation All SW STING!

Coach Armando Sanchez


February 2018,

Volunteers are the heartbeat of any event!

We would like to recognize these young players who not only played from the heart but volunteered throughout the SWSFC tournament weekend!

Jason Yih, Brandon Yih and Connor Yih, Mateo Cassanova, Yanni Konidas, Theo Konidas, Tristan Luca, Gareth Luca, Amanda Carnahan, Rio Matic and Daniel Gynane.

Outstading Helpers
Ensar Berisha
Dallas Dick

Outstanding Goal Keeper and Helper
Andrew Bealer


September 2017,

I would like to take take this opportunity and share exciting news with all SW STING FC members. A few weeks ago Alberta Soccer Association had an open tryouts for the boys and girls born in 2005. Several players from our club tried out and two players were selected to be a part of the ASA Winter training program. Joseph Holliday (U13 Boys Dolanjski) and Ethan Hrushka (U13 Boys Sanchez).

This is second time for Joseph and first time for Ethan who worked extremely hard and patiently and we would like to congratulate both of these young athletes on behalf of the club for their dedication.

We are very proud that you are wearing SWSFC colours in a such an elite group! Keep up a great work and stayed focused!

We would like to take this opportunity to also congratulate Jacob Paillard (U17 Boys Sanchez Lona) for receiving a Soccer scholarship at King’s University College Edmonton.

Well done Jacob!

A few players from the same team were also noticed by University of Alberta and Nait coaches and were invited to attend Nait practices.

This season, Joseph Holliday (U12 Boys Dolanjski) made the FC Edmonton Academy team! He is one of the youngest accepted to this program which speaks to his achievements. Joey remains on SW Sting FC roster but will require to undergo rigorous training with FC Edmonton. Joseph Holliday was also the first SW Sting FC player to ever make the Alberta Soccer Association U13 Boys North Team and be selected to play in Vancouver. Despite the fact he’s (1) year younger than all the others selected!

Big Thanks to his Coach Mario Dolanjski and our goalkeeper trainer Armando Sanchez-Lona.

Keep it up boys!

Sinisa Matic, Technical Director