2018 Indoor TRY-OUTs are complete. There are still spots available for U7s.

U13 Competitive Teams

What To Expect in U13

  • Learn to Train. 75-90 mins training or practice sessions
  • Fundamental Movement into Sports Skills, Coordination, Technique, Small Sided Games, Flexibility, Endurance, Speed and Training Ethics
  • Technical skills revolve around core skills such as controlling the ball, dribbling, shooting, passing and building a greater repertoire of soccer-related movement.
  • Developmental level of soccer Coached by certified Canadian Soccer Association and NCCP parent volunteers, (Courses financed and supported by Sting)  
  • Teams play 11 vs. 11 (including goalkeeper)*
  • 1 game, 2 team practice per week
  • Technical Training: 12-16/season 
  • Entry up to 2-3 Tournaments (SW Sting FC includes 1 in fees)
  • Rosters up to 16 players (Special Dispensation for 18)
  • Ball size 5, Full size field
  • 15 min pre-game practice and post game review
  • Game duration is 2 x 40min
  • Players participate in balanced playing time during league, play-offs & tournaments
  • Unlimited substitutions
  • Offside line introduced
  • Direct, indirect and penalty kicks in play on fouls, misconduct and offences 
  • Player ID cards Mandatory
  • Fees $650.00 includes GST
  • Indoor Season: October- February, potential for provincials in March. Outdoor Season: April to July with potential for provincials Mid-August.

Players are taught consistency in team work, development of positional awareness and simple tactical combinations. Participation in league play, standings and tournaments motivate players to use different techniques and practice the principles of game play. Players are given opportunities to make quick decisions about the best technique to use in a given situation. Plenty of positive feedback and constructive game analysis is used to establish training ethics and enjoyment in playing soccer!

SW Sting FC has adopted the Canada Soccer Association philosophy to focus on a broad-based player development. In addition, SW Sting FC supports the Pathway built around the principles of Long-Term Player Development (LTPD). There are competitive try-outs for U13 teams. Teams at this level may qualify to play in Provincials. Typically Tier 1, 2 and 3 provincial berths are offered to the final 1st and/or 2nd teams in the EMSA division league standings. Provincials are held all over Alberta, team commitment for post season play and travel (compensations provided) is expected from qualifying teams. Fines will apply to coaches if qualifying teams are unable to fulfill post-season obligations.

Developing the Player and the Person

We are a group of dedicated and knowledgeable soccer enthusiasts. 

We are dedicated to high quality coaching leadership that results in healthy physical development, skill improvement, and positive social and community growth.

SW Sting soccer is committed to providing the best soccer experience possible for its players and volunteers.