2018 Indoor TRY-OUTs are complete. There are still spots available for U7s.

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Our Competitive Programs

In order to achieve our goals SW Sting FC has assembled exceptional Technical Trainers & Coaches in the Edmonton area to provide players with the skills so they can be truly competitive. The goal of the club is to ensure that all teams that play for SW Sting develop, and with time, all players with drive and passion have the opportunity to play on the top tier teams in their respective age groups.

SW Sting follows the FIFA and CSA model (Long Term Player Development, LTPD) for soccer based on the following principles:


Players in this program will develop a stronger “feel” for the ball while building their confidence and creativity in competition. Through continued guidance from our trainers and coaches, your child will begin to bridge the gap between application in practice and execution in games.


The primary focus of this developmental program is on improving the player’s basic soccer skills and understanding of the game. At these levels there are no provincial competitions so the emphasis is to play all the players and to develop everyone. The top 4 teams in the division proceed to play in the City Wide Finals in Edmonton.


Athletes in this stage will be developed into capable and confident players with a true passion for soccer. Players will improve their technical and tactical execution during play while developing a greater intelligence for the game. Although this program is still developmental, it is the transition age where the players that want to be playing competitively at the highest levels are committing to soccer as their primary sport and with priority. Provincial competitions begin at this stage, and teams must develop and get stronger which are factors when we build our teams at our tryouts.


These teams are made up of the most competitive soccer players who are fully dedicated to the playing and training programs. Playing competitively at this level of soccer is a serious commitment, only the keen and talented make it to this level. Teams also have the opportunity to play in the Provincial competitions each season. The best players search out the elite teams in order to position themselves for a chance to play in the National Competitions reserved for the Tier 1 teams.


SW Sting FC follows Alberta Soccer Associaton (ASA) and EMSA Outdoor Rules & Regulations of Play: and the Canadian Soccer Association (CSA) follows FIFA Laws of the Game:

SW Sting FC supports the Canada Soccer Pathway, which provides a roadmap for players of all ages and aspirations who want to play soccer at the recreational, competitive or high performance levels, with the aim of encouraging lifelong participation.

Considering moving to competitive-level soccer? We offer a Trialist Program for registered Community League players and goalkeepers to attend (5) team practices per season with one of our SW Sting FC teams. Select community players may play up to (5) league games and tournament games for a SW Sting FC team. Trialist will be evaluated by our technical staff before placement. Trialist are not permitted to attend Technical Training.
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Developing the Player and the Person

We are a group of dedicated and knowledgeable soccer enthusiasts. 

We are dedicated to high quality coaching leadership that results in healthy physical development, skill improvement, and positive social and community growth.

SW Sting soccer is committed to providing the best soccer experience possible for its players and volunteers.