2018 Indoor TRY-OUTs are complete. There are still spots available for U7s.

U7/U9 Development Teams

What To Expect in U7/U9

  • FUNdamentals. 30-60 mins training or practice sessions
  • General Movement, Coordination, Technique, Small Sided Games
  • Technical skills revolve around core skills such as controlling the ball, dribbling, shooting, fakes, turns, and passing.
  • Develop dribbling with sole, inside and outside of foot.
  • Develop short passing with side foot.
  • Introduce receiving with inside and outside of foot and instep, and shooting while dribbling.
  • Developmental level of soccer coached by parent volunteers
  • U9 Teams play 7 vs. 7 (including goalkeeper) Assigned Referee
  • U7 Teams play 5 vs. 5 (including goalkeeper) NO Referee
  • 1-2 team practice and 1-2 games/week*
  • Technical Training: 10-12/season*
  • Entry up to 2 Tournaments (SW Sting FC includes 1)
  • U7 Rosters max 10, U9 max 12 players
  • U7 Ball size 3, U9 Ball size, (mini field)
  • U7 Game duration is 2 x 15 min., 2 x 30 min U9
  • Substitutions every 3-4 minutes
  • No offsides and all fouls are indirect
  • Coaches referee the games, NO league standings
  • No player ID cards needed
  • U9 Indoor/Outdoor Season: $575.00*
  • U7 Indoor/Outdoor Season: $375.00*
  • *Subject to Change

Experience shows us that players will compete even in the absence of league standings. All young players understand that soccer is a game for scoring goals and “winning”. The absence of league titles does not diminish each player’s desire to compete each time they have a soccer match. When coaches in U7/U9 leagues choose the “win at all costs” approach and/or parents criticize or pressure their children, poor player development is the most frequent result.

SW Sting FC has adopted the Canada Soccer Association philosophy to focus on a broad-based player development. In addition, SW Sting FC adheres to the Alberta Soccer Association’s mandate that there are NO tryouts at the U7 level – the focus is on inclusion, skill development, and fun! There are formal try-outs for U9 teams.

Developing the Player and the Person

We are a group of dedicated and knowledgeable soccer enthusiasts. 

We are dedicated to high quality coaching leadership that results in healthy physical development, skill improvement, and positive social and community growth.

SW Sting soccer is committed to providing the best soccer experience possible for its players and volunteers.