2018 Indoor TRY-OUTs are complete. There are still spots available for U7s.

Train With Us

Technical Training

SW Sting FC is proud to have several Technical Trainers in Edmonton. Our Technical Director is Sinisa Matic and our Lead Trainer is Mario Dolanjski. Both have extensive professional soccer experience and bring expertise to our player training program. Each Technical Trainer is committed to providing each Sting player the skills and training necessary to play at the highest level of competition.

Technical Training is conducted weekly and each team will have 1 hour sessions with a 1:1 ratio of Tech Trainer to Team. With this one-to-one hands on attention, each team and player is given individual attention and a custom designed training program. 

GoalKing Keeper Training Program

Sting is proud to offer Professional Goalkeeper Technical Training provided by a Professional Technical Training Program for goalkeepers created for Canadian youth and has trained more than 200 goalkeepers in Edmonton since 1997. GoalKing is operated by PRO Canadian Soccer Group and was founded by Armando Sanchez and Frank Phillet. The program was developed on principles learned by Armando, a former professional goalkeeper in Mexico in his youth, who continued with post-professional development as a trainer for youth players in Mexico, Canada, and the United States.

As part of Armando’s development, today he continues to study and acquire other soccer methodologies in Latin America, from Brazil, Argentina, and Colombia, borrowing techniques from their best goalkeeper training practices. The purpose of GoalKing is to train and educate youth goalkeepers and to stimulate the interest of young Canadians in this fantastic soccer position. Armando Sanchez and GoalKing are members of the world’s largest soccer coaches’ organization, the NSCAA (National Soccer Coaches Association of America), holding the Goalkeeper Level III Diploma.

GoalKing bases it’s training on the following 5 principles:

  1. Goalkeeper Technical Training
  2. Goalkeeper Tactical Training
  3. Goalkeeper Mental Development
  4. Goalkeeper Physical-Skill Building
  5. Goalkeeper Field Coaching Support

SW Sting FC training program will provide age-level curriculum to develop each player in the following areas:
Personal Skills: Responsibility | Accountability | Competition | Self-Confidence | Team Work | Decision-Making
Technical Skills: Dribbling | Turning | Shielding | Shooting | Passing  | Control | Physical Literacy | Endurance | Fitness and Nutrition
Tactical Skills: Advanced Drills | Game Analysis | Position Specific Awareness | Counter Attacks, Pressing and Defensive Strategies

SW Sting FC will offer player scholarships annually, and provide support for select players to travel abroad for training camps and events. We also encourage out of province tournaments and a few teams have traveled out of country for special soccer events. Many of our players have attended training camps in the USA with Goalking, and international tournaments in Florida. 


Developing the Player and the Person

We are a group of dedicated and knowledgeable soccer enthusiasts. 

We are dedicated to high quality coaching leadership that results in healthy physical development, skill improvement, and positive social and community growth.

SW Sting soccer is committed to providing the best soccer experience possible for its players and volunteers.