2018 Indoor TRY-OUTs are complete. There are still spots available for U7s.

Club Success!

August 2018

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SW Sting FC

On behalf of the club, I would like to congratulate and wish good luck to our teams competing in Provincials. They are as follows:

SW Sting FC
U13 – T3 Boys (Garcia)
U13 – T3 Girls (Johnsen)
U13 – T1 Girls (Hansen)
U15 – T2 Girls (Aiken)
U15 – T1 Boys (Halat)
U17 – T2 Girls (Matic)
U19 – T3 Boys (Kottke)

Also, we wish our U13 – T1 Boys (Dolanjski) good luck in their two game match for Provincial Qualifying upcoming this week as well.

In addition the tryout link and schedule is now set and on our website swsfc.ca. Tryouts will be held from Aug 26-31 the schedule can be found at the top of our webpage. The tryout link can be found on the tryout tab on our website. Please ensure you register in the Emsa portal as well.

We wish all our members a fantastic summer and for those who are continuing training for Provincials we wish you best success.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.


Dennis Hansen
SW Sting FC



July 2018

We had a fantastic season for U11 and under teams, having 10 teams qualify for Cities. Our U13 and up are closing the season end of July, and we have several teams in the running for provincials! Congratulation to all the teams, here’s our city final results:

U11 Matic  – Gold
U11 Konidas – Gold
U11 Dolanjski – Silver
U11 Moses – Bronze
U11 Tetteh-Wayoe Bronze


June 2018

Congratulation to all the teams who competed in the recent spring tournaments. If we missed anyone, please let us know! We are so proud of our teams!

U9 Rambaran – Silver
U11 Konidas – Gold
U13 Sanchez – Silver
U13 Dolanjski – Gold
Millwoods Kickoff Classic
U9 Nawid Alami – Silver
U9 Ayala – Silver
U11 Dolanski Silver
U13 Johnsen – Silver
Slurpee Cup
U9 Nawid Alami – Silver
U11 Casanova- Bronze
U13 Hansen – Gold
U15 Aiken Gold
Summer Sizzler
U9 Morra – Gold
U13 Garcia – Gold
AFC Summit Cup
U9 Malish – Gold
U11 Dolanjski – Gold
U13 Sanchez – Gold
U17 Matic – Gold
Caledonia Cup
U11 Konidas – Bronze
U11 Tetteh- Wayoe Bronze

February 2018

Here is the update on our first club indoor tournament. Some of teams played up in an age group and the list is made by the age group that they competed in:

U8 Boys A Malish -Gold
U8 Boys Mixed B Torres-Bronze
U10 Boys A Dolanjski- Gold
U10 Boys B Alami- Gold
U10 Boys C Rambaran- Gold
U10 Girls A Tetteh-Wayoe- Gold
U10 Girls B Morra – Bronze
U12 Boys A Wibrowski- Silver
U12 Boys B Casanova- Bronze
U12 Girls B Moses – Gold
U14 Boys A Dolanjski – Silver
U14 Girls A Hansen – Silver
U16 Boys A Halat – Gold
U16 Boys B Bealer – Gold
U16 Girls A Hansen- Silver
U18 Girls A Matic – Gold

U14 Girls T2 Halilic- Red Deer Family Day Tournament- Gold

Congratulations to all the teams!

Past weekend City Finals took place and here are the results:

U9 Girls Morra- Gold

U9 Boys A Rambaran- Bronze
U10 Boys A Dolanjski – Silver ( Penalty kicks)
U10 Boys B Alami – Bronze
U10 Girls Tetteh- Wayoe – Silver ( Penalty kicks)

Congratulations !!!

SWSFC Technical Team


January 2018

Just a quick update about past tournaments that SWSFC teams took part in.

U8 Boys Malish, Milwoods Madness – Silver
Polar Cup – 3rd (no medals awarded for 3rd place)

U9 Boys Alami, Memorial Cup – Gold (played in U10 age group)

U11 Boys Purani, Spruce Grove Early Bird- Bronze

U11 Boys Casanova, Polar Cup- 3rd place

U11 Boys Wibrowski, Spruce Grove Early Bird- Gold

U13 Boys Dolanjski, Red Deer Kick Off- Silver

U13 Girls Hansen , Red Deer Kick Off – Gold
Polar Cup – Gold

U14 Girls Aiken, Milwoods Madness – Silver
Polar Cup- 3rd

U15 Boys Halat, Polar Cup- 3rd

U16 Girls Hansen, Polar Cup – 3rd

U17 Boys Kottke, Spruce Grove Early Bird- Bronze
Memorial Cup – Bronze

Congratulations to all the teams!

August 2017,

Congratualtion to all 9 SW Sting FC teams to qualify for provincial competition. Thank you to all the teams that participated in the past weekend provincials and well done to our U12 Halilic for winning Silver in Tier 1 Provincials. We express gratitude to all the new teams and coaches who transitioned from community on a impressive first season with our club! We also wish to extend good luck to our U14 Boys – Halat, and U15 Girls – Bochinski competing in U16 Tier 1 Provincials this weekend. Game schedules can be found at competitions.albertasoccer.com or the ASA provincial competition website.


July 2017,

Here are results of past two weekend tournaments and City Finals, congratulations to all the teams!

Moon Day Tournament

U14 Boys Halat – Gold

U18 Boys Sanchez – Silver

Outdoor Cities: 2017

U7 Boys Malish – 1 Win, 1 Tie, 2 Losses
U7 Boys Saban- 2 W, 1 T, 1 L
U8 Girls Morra – 1W, 3 L
U8 Boys Kamaldin 1 W, 2 T
U8 Boys Rambaran 3 W, 1 T
U8 Boys Alami 4 W ( Also undefeated throughout the season)
At U7/U8 everyone received participation medals.

U9 Boys Dolanjski – Silver
U9 Boys Williams- Bronze
U10 Girls Moses- Bronze
U10 Boys Konidas- Bronze
U10 Boys Wibrowski- Bronze
U10 Boys Dubinsky – Gold

Caledonia cup

U11 Boys Williams- Silver

Kelowna Canada Day Tournament:

U12 Girls Hansen – undefeated all 4 games (no scores kept, no medals for this age group)

U13 Girls Aiken- Silver

U15 Boys Gantar- Silver

U15 Girls Bochinski- Gold

The Goalie War Championships:

Punt Throw and Kick competition: Amanda Carnahan (Gold), Maddy Kempster (Silver)

Cannon Competition: Maddy Kempster (Gold), Amanda Carnahan (Silver)

Goalie War Challenge: Maddy Kempster (Gold), Amanda Carnahan (Silver)

June 2017,

Over the past several weeks SW Sting teams participated in several tournaments. Here are the results! Congratulations to all the teams on their success!!!


U12 Boys Dolanjski – Silver

U11 Boys Williams – Silver

U12 Boys Puentes – Bronze


U7 Boys Malish – no scores kept for this age group- everyone got Gold

U15 Boys Gantar – Bronze

U18 Boys Sanchez Lona – Gold


U10 BOYS Dubinsky – Gold

U10 Boys Wibrowski – Silver

U9 Boys Dolanjski – Gold

U10 Girls Mosses -Silver

U9 Girls Tetteh-Wayoe -Silver


U10 Girls Moses – Silver

U12 Boys Puentes – Bronze

U18 Boys Urquijo – Bronze


U10 boys Dubinsky- Silver

U10 boys Williams- Gold

U15 boys Bealer- Silver

U16 boys Kotke- Gold

U12 girls Hansen- Bronze

U14 girls Aiken -Gold

U14 girls Kamal -Gold

U16 girls Bochinski -Silver

U18 girls Dong -Bronze 

Congratulations! Thank you all for proudly representing SWSFC!


May 2017

I would like to thank the Coaches, Players and Parents participating in a Duggan Tournament. Despite the rainy weather conditions this weekend, soccer spirit shined throughout all of our teams taking part. Out of 24 SWFC teams competing following teams “scored” medals:

U18 Boys Sanchez Lona -GOLD

U16 Girls Hansen- SILVER

U15 Boys Halat – GOLD

U13 Boys Ottenbreit – SILVER

U13 Girls Kamal – SILVER

U11 Boys Puentes – GOLD

U10 Boys Dolanjski – SILVER

U10 Boys Dubinsky – GOLD

Congratulations! SWFC Technical Team. Huge Thank You to our own Ali Kamal U13 Girls Coach and his Volunteers for organizing this great tournament!


March 2017,

The club was very impressed and inspired by the tremendous amount of players and parents that came to support and cheer on our Sting Sao Paulo U10 teams at City finals last week. Congratulations to both teams, and for U10 Boys (Assem) winning Gold in the premiere A division!  Thank you for all the supportive fans that came to cheer on our teams! For young players and their families this was a great opportunity to see how your young athlete will develop with premiere level tech training and coaching to become an elite athlete in this sport!

Our club had a record eleven (11) teams U12 and older that qualified for post season play in provincial competition March 17-19;
Here is the ASA link: http://competitions.albertasoccer.com/divisions.php 

U12 Boys Tier 1: Sting Sao Paulo (Dolanjski) – BRONZE

U12 Girls Tier 2: Sting Sao Paulo (Hansen) – BRONZE

U12 Girls Tier 2: Sting Sao Paulo (Halilic) – GOLD

U14 Boys Tier 2: Sting Sao Paulo (Rodriguez) – GOLD

U16 Boys Tier 3: Sting Sao Paulo (Rodriguez) – 5th

U16 Girls Tier 2: Sting Sao Paulo (Matic) – 5th

U16 Girls Tier 3: Sting Sao Paulo (Hansen) – 8th

U18 Boys Tier 2: Sting Sao Paulo (Sanchez-Lona) – 4th

U18 Boys Tier 3: Sting Sao Paulo (Halilic) – Edmonton

For a list of all tournament medals and club achievements, please click links to individual teams!

Thank you and congratulations to ALL the teams participating in our 2017 Indoor Season, looking forward to an exciting 2017 Outdoor Season!